Hear what industry pros are saying about JT!

Latest Project Business Stock Footage by JT Vancollie

Laurie Records (Casting Director & Teacher)

“Charming and adorable ... is on set every time I turn around...”


Willem Kampenhout (Director/Producer: Molio)

"It was pretty apparent as soon as everyone saw your submission that you were the best of the best. I personally found myself with a huge grin at the end of your audition. You brought energy, clarity, and your personality to the role and without much direction. All around, Dynamite job!!"


George Back (Director: The Honest Show AwesomenessTV)

“Wonderfully talented”


David Aller (Creative Producer: Ibotta)

“You went above and beyond everyone’s expectations”


Nathan Robinson (Director: Break the Box PSA)

“Your performance was so heart felt and honest.”


Jerred Hicks (Associate Producer: My Crazy Ex Lifetime)

"We all had a blast working with you! ... We all though (sic) you did a fantastic job and will certainly keep you in mind for future roles!"


Tiffany Smith (Casting Director: 2XU, Snow App)

“You’re a true talent & professional”


Philipp Edelmann (Director: Coca Cola - Moments of Happiness)

“You were fantastic!”


Brandon Toms (Fiancé: 2014 - present)

“She's alright I guess.”


Allan Brocka (Director: Be Normal Staged Reading 2015 & 2016)

“You nailed both parts so well. Not a lot of people could do that.”


Thomas Nickerson (Director: In Motion, Chaste)

“JT is completely devoted as an actor... incredibly funny and always willing to take direction... always finds the truth of her characters.”


Paul Rogers (Director: Crypsis)

“Dedicated to getting the shot"”


Jake Bann (Director: Urine Nation)

“You seriously are talented as hell. You are ridiculously good at the most nuanced things. And you can change emotions on a dime. Cry. Fight. Yell. Repeat. You said you'd have to do some research on the role, and I'm convinced you did. I'm not even sure if you know how good you are.”


Joshua Kessler (Producer: Unusual Suspects Investigation Discovery)

“You were great!”


Josh Forbes (Director: American Wild)

"Directed JT on a recent music video and she was an absolute delight. She's not only receptive to direction, but a brilliant collaborator. She also has an ineffable buoyancy and brightness about her that's truly special.
On second thought, please don't cast her in anything. She's my secret. I found her. She's mine all mine!”


Chris Burke (Director: Ibotta)

“It was great working with you and I truly hope we can do it again.”


Amir Mosallaie (Director: Can't Connect, LA Artist, Zespri Kiwis)

“You can tell from watching JT's work that she's a talented, passionate, eclectic actor; what you probably can't tell is just what a joy she is for a director to create with, her rare level of preparedness and enthusiasm during every step of the creative process, and the unparalleled fervor with which she is willing to experiment.”


Martin Desmond Roe (Director: Victoria and Albert)

“JT is one of my favourite young actors and I have leapt at every chance that I have had to work with her. She is intuitive, bright, charming and has an extremely large range. I can't wait to work with her again.”


Joanna Benecke (Writer: Be Normal)

“You were, as I knew you would be, AMAAAZING!!!”